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To remain a strong and independent financial services organization creating value for shareholders, clients, employees and the communities where we do business, while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics.






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Almond Depository's dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals provide integrated wealth management services, financial and estate planning support and experienced fiduciary services. To help you meet your short and long term investment objectives, our wealth management services are customized to each client's unique situation. We pride ourselves on the high level of personalized client service our team provides to our individual, business and institutional clients.

Money Transfer

Transfer Money enables the user to initiate payment from his bank account to any other bank account without visiting the bank enjoying from the ease of his home through digital banking

Multi Currency

deposit and withdraw cash in different currencies. It enables you to do transactions involving various currencies through a single platform.

Exchange Currency

Travelers looking to buy foreign currency can do so at a currency exchange

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit accounts are ideal for investors who are averse to taking risks. Interest is accumulated on the deposited amount over a fixed period of time.

Apply Loan

Get fastest approval instant loan from us at low interest rate. In an emergency, it is the best way to meet your financial needs. We provide Easy Availability for our customers.

Payment Request

Request to Pay is a digital request that the payer receives on their mobile device, usually on a banking application or third-party fintech application.

Fixed Deposit Plans

Fixed deposit accounts are an excellent means to grow your money over a period of time. Interest rates on fixed deposit schemes are generally higher than the interest on savings accounts. If you invest in fixed deposits, you can get higher returns for the same amount of money in a savings account in the same period of time.



  • Duration 12 Month
  • Interest Rate 8.00 %
  • Minimum £10.00
  • Maximum £500.00
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  • Duration 24 Month
  • Interest Rate 10.00 %
  • Minimum £100.00
  • Maximum £1,000.00
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  • Duration 36 Month
  • Interest Rate 15.00 %
  • Minimum £500.00
  • Maximum £20,000.00
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Loan Packages

When applying for a bank loan, you might be asked to submit your business plan. Although it may seem tedious, your business plan can help the bank determine the right loan amount and term for you.

Student Loan

5.00 %

  • Term 24 Month
  • Interest Rate 5.00 %
  • Interest Type Flat Rate
  • Minimum £100.00
  • Maximum £1,000.00
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Business Loan

12.00 %

  • Term 12 Month
  • Interest Rate 12.00 %
  • Interest Type Mortgage
  • Minimum £1,000.00
  • Maximum £100,000.00
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Enterprise Loan

12.00 %

  • Term 36 Month
  • Interest Rate 12.00 %
  • Interest Type Mortgage
  • Minimum £5,000.00
  • Maximum £50,000.00
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